Galaxy Lotto does not represent an offer of any kind and is not intended to detail a solicitation for investment or offer of securities in any jurisdiction.

The information provided by the website, smart contract, official social networks or any person related to galaxy lotto does not have a legal, financial, business, tax or investment nature. We suggest you consult with your tax, legal or other professional adviser or local authorities when planning to participate in galaxy lotto play and activities.

Galaxy Lotto is made up of several smart contracts that simulate conditions similar to a lottery game, these conditions are displayed and verified on the polygon blockchain, these conditions cannot be modified or altered, the conditions and operation are described in the white paper .

To guarantee the randomness of the numbers necessary to make galaxy lotto work, chainlink vrf is used.

Galaxy Lotto is not a company, nor does it have owners or managers, it is just a set of conditions established in the polygon blockchain through smart contracts where anyone can voluntarily participate by acquiring an nft-ticket.

By acquiring an nft-ticket you are accepting the conditions established in the smart contracts, these conditions are described in this document.